Facilities Management

Efficiently and professionally managed work environments reduce costs and improve productivity. THE CABOT GROUP's experienced facilities management team will allow your organization to remain focused on its mission while saving you money.

Facility Assessment
We can help identify the size and scope of your facility management solution and provide a concise plan of action and the team to carry out the objectives. 

Preventative Maintenance
Proactively identify and address areas of concern and develop a future maintenance schedule. 

Contract Specifications Development
All of our facilities management solutions are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.  We create plans that logistically and financially map to the needs of the organization and manage all facets of the process. 

Project Administration
Facility projects of any size can be managed by our project management team.  We ensure that time and budgetary goals are met and each step of the process is streamlined for our clients.

24/7 Response Services
Our facilities management team is available around the clock to tend to any unforeseen issues or pressing matters.   

Landlord Lease Compliance Administration
We ensure that all details and responsibilities outlined in your lease are fulfilled.  We can help manage the process of aligning the responsibilities of all parties with the terms outlined in the lease.

Move Management
Our experienced move management team can manage all aspects of your move and make the transition as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Our clients are able to focus on their business throughout the process.

Building Code Compliance
We can ensure 100% code compliance and continually manage new or changing codes as your facility changes over time. 

Our facilities management team is comprised of experienced professionals with a history of providing measurable improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity, while reducing your overall facility expense.  Please contact us to learn more about any of our facilities management solutions. Contact us for an assessment.

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